Painted for Badger Painting in Mc Farland Wi for 2 weeks, used alot of gas to get to the site everyday, never had proper supplies ready onsite to complete job properly, no paint, ladders etc.Now 1 customer didn't pay, so they said we don't get paid, I've already worked 2 full weeks!

Most of us are just college kids looking to make a buck over the summer, now they are trying to screw us over.They sure made it sound good when they hired us, also had to buy safety shoes, certain shorts and shirts to work with.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Austin, Minnesota, United States #1185226

You worked 2 full weeks and he owes you 300 bucks? What was he paying you, $3.75 an hour?

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #665188

We used Badger Painting.What a flipping mistake that was.

They did a very crappy job, took forever for them to start the job after partial payment was made.

Jeremy was unprofessional throughout and I'm amazed I used them without researching his company.I stongly recommend avoiding BP at all cost.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #646833

We signed a contract with this company only to find out they sub contracted it to another contractor who gave them the lowest bid.Save yourself the money they *** the top and hire a contractor who has their own painters.

Badger Painting does not have any painters, they play the role of the middle man which you can avoid.:(

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #592318

This is common situation for Badger Painting LLC.Many, many employees have been scammed/not paid for high quality work completed.

If you worked for Badger Painting LLC please check YOUR OWN NAME on CCAP.

They also have a habit of suing former employees, not sending proper notice or sending notice to previous address - thus winning by DEFAULT.

This IS NOT A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!!Not to their employees nor to their customers.


Madison, Wisconsin, United States #583001

And when Badger Painting says that their supervisors are the "best in the business," that's most likely true, since they've never had a supervisor remain with their organization for more than 6 months.That's a high turnover rate for a company that supposedly treats their employees well.

No, the supervisors that they hire that are talented are too smart to remain working for a company that's so poorly managed.

Also, just about every supervisor that's been employed by them will attest that they refuse to give raises, regardless of skill or effort.

Why keep a $25 per hour crew chief when u can just fire him and hire another guy for $15?That's the way Badger Painting likes to manage their "company."

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #582996

As a former employee of BP, LLc, I can attest that when they say they "paid" said employees, they mean that they paid them less than the wage they were promised when they were hired.This company is notorious for hiring estimators who don't even know how to paint - guys who've never held a brush on a professional job in their life!!

Then they have the audacity to allow these estimators to improperly bid jobs, not fully accounting for all necessary prep work, paint hours, ladder movements, etc. Guess who pays for it in the end? The painters at the bottom of the totem pole. When these estimators don't give them enough hours to complete the job, the management of badger painting penalizes worker's by cutting their wages for not completing the job in the alloted amount of hours "budgeted" for the job.

Yes, Badger Painting does pay it's employees.

Just not the full amount they deserve.

You can decide who to believe: the one person posting on this site as "Badger Painting, LLC," or over 20 former employees who've filed complaints through DWD against Badger Painting for unpaid wages.No doubt the person posting with the handle "Badger Painting, LLC" is Jeremy Kruk, owner of this poor excuse for a company that will surely be shut down by the State if they don't start treating their employees properly.


I apologize if we were unclear. These employees WERE paid, and paid on time. The issues we had with these employees were sloppiness, lack of effort, cutting corners, etc... While they were supervised and watched on the jobsites, it became clear that they did not have the desire to do the job the proper way.

Our supervisors are diligent, the best in the business and caught this extremely fast. I am thrilled to inform everyone this particular customer is thrilled with their paint job and the crew that came in to fix the poorly done job. They love Badger Painting, our painters and our staff. There is nothing more I could ask for.

Although we had to take a loss due to these young men, their poor attitude and laziness, we got this job done, paid the young men who fixed it as well as the crew who destroyed it. We stand behind our reputation and take care of our employees. We have NEVER not paid an employee.

If you do your research, you'll find we've never done anything illegal, and in fact pay far above our competition and the industry standards when it pertains to experience in this industry.

We hope this helps clarify things. Thank you.


Still didnt explain why they were not paid.If something was damaged, you should call your insurer, but you definately dont stiff people you hired, obviously your training program wasnt quite as rigorous as claimed.

If it took you 2 weeks to find out your guys were not qualified, obviously you have some internal issues to correct.RE: Site supervision, Foreman, Office staff etc...

to RG Oregon, Wisconsin, United States #628839

No Jeremy you do not pay your employees....you did not pay me when I worked for you last summer and our case is pending litigation with the department of workforce.You told them you did not know me and that I never was employed by Badger Painting.

You are a liar and unethical!

Thank god I knew 2 of the customers at the jobsites so they can testify on my behalf that I was working for Badger Painting.Karma is going to *** you...I am sure your dad is rolling over in his grave at the site of your morals!


This comment is from a disgruntled crew. Badger Painting had to let this crew go after they destroyed a customers home. All employees get paid every two weeks. Painters go through a rigorous training process with our company, including both classroom as well as field training. While we sympathize with these young men, not everyone has the work ethic and desire to be a professional painter.

We are very sorry if they feel they have been cheated. Our office doors are always open, and we always pay our employees. With over 400 full time and seasonal employees over the last 7 years, there is no doubt going to be one or two bad apples. If anyone ever has a question please do not hesitate to ask us or stop by our offices to see for yourself.

Thank you.

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